The Central Coast is a big place and there are a lot of great spots to take your remote control cars for a spin.

I haven’t been into remote control hobbies for all that long but I have lived on the coast for over 30 years, so I do know a few good locations to take that RC short course or buggy of yours for a fun drive.

As with all hobbies, it’s best to get to know the community, you’ll find that with having an interest in RC, others (most of the time) will be happy to share their secret locations. Keep in mind they are secret for a reason though. Good spots like this tend to have fewer people and traffic around so you can really cut loose and go for it.

In no particular order, these are my favourite spots to take my Traxxas Slash VXL 2wd.

Adcock Park, West Gosford

Adcock Park West Gosford NSW

Over behind the baseball field is good for some dirt bashing for your short-course or off-road buggy. If you have a street racer, the netball fields have a smooth surface that you can even drift on. The area is quite a large area as well and is great when no one is around which is normally late in the afternoon of a weekend. I normally go behind the baseball pitch where it is pretty quiet on most weekends. This is a good spot, just be careful you don’t hit the sandstone blocks or you’ll be needing replacement RC parts pretty quickly!

Umina BMX Track

Umina Beach BMX Track

Great spot to take your off-road remote control cars for dirt jumping. The track is fairly large, you just need to be in a central location so you can see your car at all points of the track. There is also a concrete skate park next to the track, it’s a good mix of dirt and street. Keep in mind Umina beach is a popular holiday destination so this spot will most likely always be busy, especially during the school holidays.

Another great spot if your off-road has paddles is down by the beach near Umina surf club, a few local guys have set up a couple of little jumps. The weather obviously affects this area so the jumps may not always be there.

Green Point Basketball Courts

Green Point Basketball Courts

Although this area is not that big, I have seen a few guys take their street/touring cars there for a drift session. Located just off Avoca Dr near the Coles shopping centre, it’s an easy-to-access spot that is good for the younger kids to play around with their cars.

Terrigal BMX Club

Terrigal BMX Club

Perfect spot for dirt bashing as long as there are no riders there. I’ve been out there on a weekend afternoon and there has been no one there. Pretty easy to get to, just turn off Terrigal Dr onto Duffys Rd and it’s on your left.

Kincumba Mountain

If you’ve got a crawler, Kincumba mountain has some good tracks to get started with.

These are only a few out of hundreds of potential locations that are close to me on the Central Coast where you can take your remote control cars for a drive.