The Poppy Project by Gosford City, “Never Forgetting the Sacrifices” commemorates the Australian 100 Years of Anzac Centenary.

I am really proud of our local Central Coast community who got together to honour our soldiers from the past and present. This is an incredible effort for all involved to place over 60,000 poppies in the ground at Terrigal Skillion to make up the word ANZAC.

I encourage everyone to go see this in person, so if you can get a chance, head down to Terrigal Haven and see this for yourself.

Below are a few photos I got from my phone plus a video a mate got on his drone.

The Poppy Project - Terrigal Skillion - Panorama pic
The Poppy Project - Never Forgetting the Sacrifices
The Poppy Project - Terrigal Skillion - Central Coast
The Poppy Project - Top of Terrigal Skillion

Tim Gunasinghe captured this fantastic video from his drone.