I hadn’t anticipated glamping in Wollomombi over the Christmas holidays, but it provided just the experience we needed after a hectic year of working and organizing our wedding. We wanted to do a quick camping trip away before heading into the new year. Airbnb has some great places available and after a quick search, I found an excluded property offering glamping in Wollomombi just east of Armidale.

We packed our gear the night before and embarked on our adventure early Thursday morning. Our first stop was at Willow Tree Inn to experience what many claimed to be the best steak in NSW. It did not disappoint! The food was amazing and the steak was chef’s kiss fantastic!

Willow Tree Inn - Graze
The best steak in NSW at the Willow Tree Inn
The best steak in NSW at the Willow Tree Inn

With full bellies, we continued our journey to Armidale, where we stopped to replenish our food supplies. From there it was about another 40-minute drive that included a dirt road down to the campsite. 

Glamping in Wollomombi by the Oaky River

We found the Homecamp tent and gazebo all set up for us and ready to use on arrival. We settled in and quickly strolled down to the river. Seeing all the wildflowers and listening to the water trickling over the river rocks and birds chirping was music to my ears. 

Glamping in Wollomombi
Glamping in Wollomombi

Next on the list was to get the fire going. A small fire pit was set up, and firewood was provided, making it super easy to get the fire going. 

Sitting by the first while glamping in Wollomombi

The property offers 2 tents. The Echidna tent and the Platypus tent are the names given to the two available glamping tents. The Oaky River runs through the property, positioning each tent far away from the others to ensure privacy for all guests.

Oaky River - Glamping in Wollomombi
Oaky River - Glamping in Wollomombi

A small family was staying in the Platypus tent. A guy by the name of Mack came over on his way down our side of the river to go fishing. He, along with his wife and two young boys, embarked on a few days’ getaway and discovered the Airbnb listing for glamping in Wollomombi, eager to try their luck at catching some local trout. After a quick chat, they took off down to the river and after 20 minutes they were back, unfortunately with no fish. The boys did however have a nice big chunk of wood for us to put on the fire. 

Mack put the boys to bed and came back to our side of the river with his fly fishing rod to have another go at catching a trout. I went down to check out what he got after noticing his rod bending and then reeling in a fish. To my surprise, he had caught a good-sized trout. We had a good chat about all things life including travelling the world and raising a family. 

After chatting for a good half an hour, we headed back up and I started cooking dinner. The camp features a gas BBQ, which is pretty convenient considering we don’t have much camp gear ourselves. 

We enjoyed sausage and hash brown wraps while sipping our Jack Daniels by the campfire. Absolute Bliss!

After dinner, Mack returned, and we sat by the campfire chatting for a couple of hours before heading to bed. The tent offers plenty of standing room and a queen-size mattress. Be sure to keep an eye out for bugs. We noticed a few spiders inside the tent when we went to bed. 

Exploring the Day’s Adventures and Wollomombi Food

We woke up early to make the most of it! 6 am is the best time to be outside. It’s so nice to just sit in the shade and enjoy the scenery. 

Chilly morning glamping in Wollomombi

We got the water on the boil to make our coffee and good old bacon and egg breakfast on the BBQ before walking down to the river with our camp chairs to sit and relax for a couple of hours while enjoying the cool breeze under the shade of a big pine tree and watching the abundant butterflies fly around the wildflowers. 

By this time it was around lunchtime, so after a quick freshen-up at the shower facilities not far from the tent, we drove about 5 minutes up the road to the Wollomombi Store and grabbed some lunch. The chicken burger and chips were delicious.

Chicken burger from the Wollomombi Store

They had some tourism brochures of the local attractions so we decided to drive up to Ebor Falls, about a half an hour’s drive away. The viewing platform is only 100m from the car park making it very accessible. For someone who loves geology, seeing the water flowing over the big basalt columns that form the waterfall is just incredible. 

Ebor Falls NSW
Ebor Falls NSW

Unfortunately, construction was ongoing while we were there, and not all the walking tracks were open. They do have toilet blocks and picnic areas available which is nice. I’m sure it will be a great track to walk around when it’s all finished.

We headed back towards camp, this time stopping at Cathedral Rock National Park only to find it closed. We drove a couple of kilometres up the track but there were signs saying it was all closed. Huge bummer as this was the spot I was most keen to check out while up there. 

At this stage, I had a quarter tank of fuel, so we drove back to camp to chill out for the rest of the day before starting our journey home the next day. 

Glamping in Wollomombi

Relaxed Glamping & Fishing By The River

Mack and the boys passed by after taking a walk around the property, and we had another chat. He wanted to continue the fishing streak after sorting dinner for the boys and tried again for another trout. No luck this time, but it was great to talk to both him and his wife this time around.

As the evening grew late and the weather worsened, we returned to the camp and began preparing dinner. Hamburger wraps with hash browns, eggs and salad. Delish! We finished dinner just as the rain started. We quickly cleaned and washed the dishes and jumped in the tent, where we settled in for the night while the rain continued to patter down on the tent.

Exploring Nundle’s Charm and More Culinary Delights on our Journey Home

I woke up early Saturday morning to a slight drizzle, but the air was fresh and the cows were peacefully grazing over the distant hills.

We decided to pack up our gear, have a quick hot shower and get on the road. Thankfully, the rain had stopped, and I didn’t have to drive in it.

With no agenda for the day, we took our time driving home. Our first stop was Armidale to fuel up and then get some breakfast. Despite the early hour, we managed to find a little café. I got the poached eggs on sourdough and a coffee. Karina had the eggs Benny as usual. 

After we strolled around the area and explored the small shops, we resumed our journey and headed down to Nundle.

We ended up on Forest Way which I did not know would be 30km of dirt road. Driving through the pine forest was an interesting experience. On one hand, I marvelled at the vast area and towering conifers, but on the other, I was dismayed by the extensive logging in the region. Perhaps authorities intentionally cultivate this area for logging purposes, but I lack sufficient knowledge about the area to confirm.

Nundle State Forest

We had the option to drive up to Hanging Rock, but signs indicated closure or partial closure of the area. An experience for next time for sure. 

The main reason to visit Nundle was to see the Gil Bennet collection that is on display in the information centre. I felt disappointed upon finding it closed when we arrived, which seemed understandable for a Saturday afternoon. I will plan my next trip out there and make sure it’s going to be open. 

The Peel Inn offers a great stop for lunch, boasting a nice beer garden with a vine-covered canopy out the back to enjoy food and drinks. The famous pot pie was delicious and Karina was happy with her beer-battered flathead.

Beer Battered Flathead from the Peel Inn at Nundle

Exploring Nundle Treasures

With our bellies full once again, we explored the shops around the town, one of which was an antique shop that was an overwhelming experience to navigate inside as it was chock-a-block full of cool stuff. There were so many items in the shop, that it was impossible to have a decent look through it all. 

By mid-afternoon, it was time to hit the road for the final stretch home. We cruised back down the highway and got home just in time for dinner before crashing into bed for some much-needed sleep. 

Overall, we enjoyed a great little escape from the hustle and bustle of the coast and can highly recommend glamping in Wollomombi.

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